WWE Legend Retires Shortly After Accusations Made Against Him

WWE Legend Retires Shortly After Accusations Made Against Him

Sports Icon Suddenly Retires – DAMNING Accusations Made!

(FeaturedNews.com) – Vince McMahon grew up in the world of professional wrestling. He worked as a ringside announcer in the 1970s for his father’s company, which would eventually become World Wrestling Entertainment. The WWE chief bought the company in 1982, and for four decades, he seemed unstoppable. Now, at 77, embroiled in scandal, the longtime legend announced he’s stepping down as CEO of the company he built into an international powerhouse.

The chairman’s fate was sealed when the The Wall Street Journal exposed a past full of alleged sexual misconduct, payoffs, and non-disclosure agreements. McMahon reportedly paid $12 million in hush money to 4 different women to cover up his indiscretions. The story broke on July 8, and he retired two weeks later.

The allegations against the WWE leader include a lump sum paid to a former female wrestler he reportedly demoted and wouldn’t to contract with again after she refused to give him any more oral sex. Another woman claimed he sent her unsolicited — and unwanted — nude photos of himself. Two other women received payoffs after allegedly having affairs with him.

The company will now fall to his daughter, Stephanie McMahon, who will co-chair it along with Nick Kahn. Her father is still the wrestling business’ majority shareholder, so it’s likely he’ll still have some influence. However, as a public figurehead, it seems his reign is over.

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