Young Boy Incredibly Saves Mother’s Life

Photo by Lee Jeffs on Unsplash

Heroes Come in All Sizes – Boy Saves Mom From Horrible Fate

A security camera captured the incredible moment when a 10-year-old boy saved his mother who was having an epileptic fit while in the pool. The footage was taken while the boy and his mother were sitting inside the family pool. In the video, the boy can be seen jumping into the pool as his mother starts having seizures. A dog is also seen nearby waiting to also enter the pool.

The post which was shared by the woman, Lori Keeney on Facebook on August 6, showcases her son, Gavin, who attempts to save her. In the post, she praises her little boy for saving her. She also posted the recorder clip from the video.

From there the story quickly went viral, receiving thousands of views and comments, with many sharing the video with others in their circle.

One user wrote, “Your son is your guardian angel.” Another also praised the little boy whilst expressing gratitude that his mother was well.

The incident took place in Oklahoma and according to an interview with ABC News, Keeney said that she was just looking forward to enjoying a pleasant morning swimming with her son.

As Gavin got out of the pool, his mom started seizing. This meant that Gavin heard the loud splashing and quickly saw that his mother was drowning. That’s when he jumped into the pool and lifted his mother bringing her to the staircase. He also tried to keep her head above the water.

For this act, Gavin is set to receive a bravery award from the Kingston Police Department.


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