Young Son Clears Out Mom’s Bank Account

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A mom of four recently shared how her son had spent over $800 on Roblox without her realizing. Kayla Howard, a mom from Phoenix, said that she usually uses Roblox as an incentive and reward for her children which range in age from 5 to 12. Normally at the end of every week, each child gets $10 for having completed their chores which they can use on Roblox. To make the process easier, she had also connected her debit card to the Roblox accounts the kids were using.

However, this is the first time as Howard noted that her son’s purchases went far beyond $10. In fact, he had spent $800. As Howard said, this was the first time there was a purchase as large as this which is what made it so easy for her to notice. Howard then proceeded to contact Google and Roblox for refunds. The story was also shared on a local news station, and an online fundraiser was started to help her deal with this experience.

Howard noted that she had heard about other parents who had gone through similar experiences and she knew that she was not alone.

In response to the story, Roblox said that while they could not comment on Howard’s specific case and account as the platform offers parents many parental controls, one of which includes limiting spending.

Howard said that the company had reached out to her on Thursday afternoon and had informed her that she would be receiving a refund for all the purchases made by her son. In the meantime, this has been a learning experience for her son who is learning that actions can have consequences as he has lost his computer privileges as a result of the unauthorized purchases.

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