Trump May Get Slapped With a 5th Indictment

( – Arizona might be the upcoming state to press charges against the former president, Donald Trump, for the same reasons that Georgia and Fani Willis did.

Both present and past governors of Arizona believe this action is imminent.

The State’s Attorney General is actively looking into the matter, with Governor Katie Hobbs expressing her wish to see legal action taken against those who allegedly posed as false electors.

“I’ve always supported holding those accountable,” she said. This is a step in that direction.”

References to Arizona appear multiple times in the Georgia indictment. Reports suggest Trump and his associates reached out to officials, urging them to change the election outcome to his benefit.

In states like Georgia and Michigan, individuals who falsely posed as electors now face numerous serious charges such as conspiracy, making dishonest statements, and corruption-related offenses.

“Ensuring accountability is vital. We can’t truly move forward until there’s responsibility at the highest echelons,” Hobbs opined. “The legal proceedings need to progress.”

Comments also came in from Hobbs’ Republican forerunners.

Former Governor Jan Brewer shared, “I genuinely believe our attorney general will take some sort of punitive steps.”

Meanwhile, former Governor Doug Ducey voiced his concerns, stating, “The increasing number of indictments worries me. I wonder about its impact on voters, their faith in the legal system, and the principle of fair justice.”

On August 16, Arizona’s Attorney General, Kris Mayes, acknowledged the ongoing probe.

Mayes commented, “We’re scrutinizing these so-called electors closely. Our investigation will be detailed, impartial, and paced according to the requirements of justice.”

Some of the individuals believed to be involved in this dubious elector scheme in Arizona include former GOP Chair for Arizona, Kelly Ward, her spouse, and current State Senators Anthony Kern and Jake Hoffman.

“Charges in Michigan, and possibly in Arizona, could range from forgery, conspiracy to forge, to election deceit and other related offenses. Specifically, in Arizona, the idea was to retain Trump as president even after his electoral loss,” Barry Markson of Markson Mediation explained. “These Trump supporters supposedly joined forces, forming their own counterfeit group of electors and presenting them to Congress and the National Archive as legitimate.”

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