VIDEO: Drivers Forced To Stop After Dog Takes Control

Photo by Simon Hurry on Unsplash

( – Residents of a quiet street in a small town can sleep soundly knowing that a diligent guard dog is on “paw-trol,” keeping watch over all who enter and exit the neighborhood.

In a video posted on TikTok on April 27, user @neelam.a.das drives down the road as she sees a dog gradually inching toward the street’s center.

As she had done many times before, the driver slowed down as she rolled into the unusual neighborhood checkpoint.

In the video, a dog named Daisy greets the driver, who takes it upon herself to examine all cars and drivers coming down the street. This self-proclaimed neighborhood watchdog sits in the middle of the road, prompting the driver to stop her car. Daisy then stares into the car as she inspects it and the driver, possibly to ascertain who was attempting to use the road without her permission.

The checkpoint stopped the driver from continuing down the road. But Daisy wouldn’t budge, not even as the driver called out to her.

But who can blame Daisy, who was only doing her best to protect her small-town neighborhood from intruders? 

Thankfully, the driver didn’t mind Daisy’s persistence, evident in her caption of the TikTok post which had garnered over 700,000 views and nearly 80,000 likes on TikTok. 

The TikTok user described Daisy’s efforts as the “bestest neighbourhood paw-trol,” replying to those in the comments section who were worried about a dog wandering into the road, that Daisy’s work was limited to a small town where everyone knows everyone, and that there were signs commanding drivers to slow down.



just the bestest neighbourhood paw-trol I could ask for 🩷 #dogsoftiktok #guarddog #fyp #foryoupage #daisy

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