Cheating Pro-Athlete Prays for Forgiveness

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( – Justin Doeden, a PGA Canada Tour golfer revealed on Monday that he had cheated on the scorecard during the Ottawa Open this past weekend.

Doeden withdrew from the event in Canada and tournament officials launched a probe into his score. Doeden took to Twitter to confess to cheating, adding that this was the biggest mistake he had made in his entire life. As he said, this is not who he is naturally and his actions had let down his sponsors, family, and fellow competitors. He then proceeded to request forgiveness and even added the bible verse John 1:9.

Monday Q Info were the first to find out that the scorecards that Doeden had were different from the one they had. The report pointed out that on the leaderboard Doeden had been 3-under par, while on his card he appeared to have shot seven on the 18th hole. If that was true, then Doeden would have been 1-under par, which could have resulted in him missing the cut.

Doeden had hit the second shot on the 18th hole into the water. This meant that he received a penalty stroke and was made to start again with his fourth shot. He then managed to finish the hole in seven strokes, but this was not reflected on his scorecard which had claimed that it had only taken him 5 and not seven strokes.

Some of Doeden’s playing partners had seen the discrepancy in the final score and had brought it to the attention of tournament officials who were quick to realize that the seven had been switched to five.

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