Frat House Who Defended the Flag Gets Impressive Gift

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( – In a single day, a fraternity house managed to raise over $160,000 using a GoFundMe page. The organizers, who are members of the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Pi Kappa Phi fraternity, had previously defended the U.S. flag during a demonstration that was pro-Palestine.  

Their fundraiser is close to their $175,000 goal which is to”throw ’em a rager.” Those who visit the fundraising site are greeted by a message that notes that “commie losers” have infiltrated campuses across the United States and they were making idiotic demands from the school administrations. They added that among this chaos, and antisemitism there was a group of American heroes who stood against them. 

A day before the start of the fundraiser, pro-Palestinian demonstrators had attempted to remove the American flag, however, they were stopped by members of the fraternity who managed to stop the flag from touching the ground. However, the group did not manage to stop the protesters from flying the Palestinian flag. Still, their patriotic act was posted online and quickly went viral. 

The GoFundMe page which as of Wednesday evening is close to reaching its goal, noted that these men who had defended the flag deserved the best. According to reports, the fraternity brothers were hit with sticks, rocks, and bottles while they tried to protect the American flag. 

In the fundraiser, it is noted that they are raising funds to help through a party for the fraternity that is worthy of what these brothers deserve. Since the incident, a barrier has also been placed around the flag to protect it. 

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