Hollywood Star Backs Biden

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(FeaturedNews.com) – Jeff Daniels, best known for his portrayal as Harry on Dumb and Dumber, said he wanted President Joe Biden to win reelection in 2024 because of what he described as the “war on democracy.”

In his appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” where he promoted his new Netflix project “A Man in Full,” Daniels claimed former President Trump “talks down” to Midwestern voters and that they were “watching” the Republican Party “destroy itself.”

Daniels continued that just because the midwest was “flyover country,” voters aren’t “as stupid as people, like Trump… think we are,” adding that the former President spoke “past us” and suggested Trump was a liar.

The actor continued his statements, saying that currently there were two ongoing “wars,” one within the Republican Party and the other that was for “democracy.”

He shared his hope that voters in the midwest would vote for Biden rather than Trump in the upcoming elections because 2028 was the contest they were striving to get to because by then that’s when he was “cautiously optimistic that people in the middle,” mentioning states like Michigan, would consider that they were “better than this” — a reference to Trump.

Finally, Daniels shared his intention to “vote for Biden” despite the President’s age, which he excused as translating into “wisdom,” adding that he was truly looking forward to 2028 when people were striving for the future.

According to a recent CNN survey, Trump was leading Biden in a hypothetical match-up by six percentage points, getting 49 percent support among registered voters, while Biden only received 43 percent.

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