Flight Attendant Goes Viral After Passenger Panics

Photo by Philip Myrtorp on Unsplash

(FeaturedNews.com) – A new photo of a Delta flight attendant has been going viral after she was seen trying to comfort and calm down an anxious passenger. Molly Simonson Lee of Raleigh, North Carolina, was the one to take the photo which has since been shared on Facebook and received thousands of likes.

The photo was taken while she was going on a trip from Charlotte to JFK Airport on Jan. 14.

As Lee told FOX Television Stations, it was clear from the moment that the lady entered the flight that she had been very anxious to be on the plane and that she had not flown on a plane in a long time. Lee added that as soon as the aircraft started making noise, the woman had become increasingly more anxious and jittery.

It was then that the flight attendant, Floyd Shannon-Dean, approached the lady and started explaining what all of the different noises meant. The lady remained calm as she reassured the lady that everything was going well and that the flight was safe.

Around midway, through the flight, the lady was crying, and then Shannon-Dean approached her, sat down, and took her hand to calm her down.

The photo of the flight attendant seated on the floor of the plane while comforting the passenger for around five to ten minutes has since gone viral. Lee explained that she thought it was incredible how much work the flight attendants were putting into everything that had to do with the passenger’s safety, including being kind and warm to a complete stranger.


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