Hershey’s Chocolate Slapped With Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit

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(FeaturedNews.com) – Hershey, the chocolate maker, is facing a class action lawsuit for over $5 million over it allegedly having “falsely” represented some of its Reese’s products on the packaging.

On Thursday, the lawsuit was filed in a Florida U.S. District Court. Cynthia Kelly of Tampa had a lawyer acting on her behalf who argued that the depictions of many of the chocolate treats on the packaging were not an accurate representation of the seasonal chocolate treats that were inside. The complaint further claims that the images used in the advertising were “inaccurate” and that the marketing had been “false” and “deceptive.”

The lawsuit points to many examples of such cases where the products were different on the package when compared to what could be found inside. The holiday treats targeted by the suit include Reece’s peanut butter ghosts, bats, and pumpkins. As they point out the “artistic carvings” that show the products to have facial features on the packaging were not found on the item.

Another case presented relates to Reese’s peanut butter football which without the laces looks like an egg.

As the lawyer pointed out in the complaint the packaging of the product was not always misleading, as there were many packets where the products were displayed without the products. In the suit, it is argued that the change to the carved features was made to increase sales of the products and had occurred over the past couple of years. The suit adds that the consumer relies on the proper marketing and labeling of the product in order to not be deceived, but in this case, Hershey had deceived many consumers.

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