NBA Legend Attacks Black Americans for Supporting Trump

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( – Charles Barkley, a former NBA star, has argued that any Black person who was wearing any merchandise that had the mug shot of former President Donald Trump on it was a “freaking idiot.” 

CNN co-host Gayle King had asked Barkley about the comments that he had made on their prime-time cable news talk show about how he had seen an African American wearing this kind of merchandise and that it had made him want to punch that person in the face. 

Barkley argued that firstly he would never just start randomly punching strangers in the face and secondly he argued that people had the right to vote and support whoever they wanted. He added that his only problem was when Trump was attempting to compare his situation with the situation that any Black person is facing. As he pointed out this is what he has an issue with. 

Barkley also noted that as per his take from the previous week, any Black person wearing a T-Shirt or merchandise that had the mug shot on it was a “freaking idiot.” The conversation on “King Charles” had been prompted by the remarks that Trump had made about how being indicted made Black people sympathize with him more because of his legal troubles. These comments have been perceived to be offensive by Black leaders as well as by Democrats. 

Last year Trump became the first U.S. president in history to be indicted and have his mug shot taken. Trump’s mugshot was taken in Fulton County, Ga. In connection with the election interference charges against him in Georgia. 

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