Republicans May Lose Control of Wisconsin

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( – In Wisconsin, many Republican lawmakers are going to be facing challenging re-election bids, especially since for the first time in 15 years, the state’s Supreme Court flipped from a conservative to a liberal majority.

On August 1, Janet Protasiewicz is going to be sworn in the Supreme Court following her recent victory against Dan Kelly in the Supreme Court race in April. The bench is now going to have a 4-3 liberal majority. The court’s flip is going to have many effects on the state especially concerning issues of gerrymandering election maps and abortion rights.

In 2022, the Wisconsin Supreme Court upheld the Republican-drawn maps despite them being seen as the most gerrymandered maps in the U.S. If Wisconsin’s map is redrawn, then there could potentially be changes to the United States government. The Republican party currently holds a slim majority in the House of Representatives of only 10 seats following their underwhelming performance in the 2022 midterm elections.

Protasiewicz had spoken up against the state’s legislative maps even before she got elected, claiming that the map was “rigged” in favor of the Republican party. During her campaign, she also argued that the maps should be reexamined. This position has led to many people wondering whether the Supreme Court’s liberal majority is going to make it harder for Republicans to control the situation.

If the maps are changed, then two House seats that currently belong to Republican lawmakers could end up going to a Democrat candidate in the next elections.

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