Cancel Culture Looking To Destroy Top Hollywood Actress

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( – Supporters of actress Sandra Bullock have stepped up to support her after certain social media enthusiasts targeted her, suggesting she should give back her Oscar for her role in the 2009 movie, “The Blind Side.”

Controversy arose surrounding the Tuohy family, who were depicted in the film as taking in the young and homeless Michael Oher, a former NFL athlete. Oher has recently claimed that, contrary to the film’s portrayal, he was never legally adopted by the Tuohys and that they earned substantial revenue from the film’s success. He asserts he received no financial compensation for the narrative centered around his life.

After shining in his college football days at Ole Miss, Oher was picked by the Baltimore Ravens in the 2009 NFL Draft’s first round. He recently initiated legal proceedings in Tennessee to challenge the 2004 conservatorship, contending that he only discovered earlier this year that the Tuohys never formally adopted him.

The revelation led to online criticism of the celebrated actress Bullock, who earned accolades for her representation of Oher’s assertive guardian in the movie, a role played by actor Quinton Aaron.

One social media user from X, previously known as Twitter, expressed outrage, suggesting Bullock should return her Oscar and criticizing the portrayal of the Tuohys’ financial gain from the film. Another user believed Bullock should publicly address the issue.

However, many fans rallied around Bullock, emphasizing that she was merely an actor in a film and shouldn’t be dragged into the real-life controversy, especially considering her recent personal loss.

Josh Moon, a journalist, expressed his disbelief over the blame aimed at Bullock. Another individual noted the importance of distinguishing between the actress and the real-life figure she portrayed. Others highlighted the recent passing of Bullock’s partner as a reason for additional empathy.

Backing up Bullock, Aaron spoke to TMZ Sports, stating that Bullock had no involvement in the underlying truth and should be commended for her exceptional acting.

In defense of the Tuohys, their legal representative refuted Oher’s accusations regarding the movie’s profits. They stressed that Oher had been given an equitable share of the film’s revenue. Furthermore, the attorney alleged that Oher had attempted to pressurize the Tuohys into paying him $15 million by threatening negative press coverage.

The lawyer firmly rejected Oher’s allegations, emphasizing their baseless nature and the absurdity of the claims.

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