One Republican Accused of Destroying the GOP

Kevin McCarthy, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Sunday, former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy during an appearance on “MediaBuzz,” argued that the “disarray” in the House GOP was because of Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) who had also been behind his ousting. 

The statements by McCarthy had come after the House managed to pass a foreign aid bill with the support of the Democrats. While talking about the infighting in the Republican party, which has resulted in threats to have Speaker Mike Johnson ousted, only months after McCarthy was forced to vacate his spot, the former Speaker warned that Gaetz was responsible for breaking the GOP majority. 

As he stated, the party was in disarray and that partly it was because of the eight Republicans who had collaborated with all of the Democrats to get him ousted. He continued by stating that there were no consequences and that these eight were capable of working with the Democrats in order to choose the Speaker. He added that ever since that happened, the conference had been broken in part because they had never dealt with those eight. He continued by saying that until they did, they would continue to be broken. 

McCarthy also pointed out that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene had not done exactly the same thing as Gaetz, as she had not made her motion privileged, as such the issue was up for debate. He continued by stating that it would be best for her to keep this issue internal. He also pointed out that being the House Speaker was no easy thing, and that had it been busy it is possible that he would still be in that position. 

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