Judge Allows Manhattan DA To Do WHAT?

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(FeaturedNews.com) – On Monday, a New York judge had stated that prosecutors in the hush money criminal trial would be allowed to refer to the several civil lawsuits against former President Donald Trump. 

On Friday, Judge Juan Merchan heard arguments that resulted in him stating that the prosecutors would be allowed to cross-examine Trump in regard to six of his prior court determinations. The prosecutors have argued that this move is going to assist them in bringing into question the former president’s credibility in front of the judges. 

Merchan also found that prosecutors would be able to ask about the E. Jean Carroll defamation and sexual abuse case against Trump. Another case that they would be allowed to bring forward is the civil fraud trial of the former President in New York, where he had been found to inflate and deflate the value of his assets to receive more benefits over a few years. In this latter case, the prosecutors would also be allowed to question Trump regarding his gag orders. 

However, despite the success of the prosecutions, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D) is not allowed to bring up the sanctions that Trump had to face for a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton in Florida. The judge also ruled against the prosecutors referring to a number of “bad acts” that they had been looking to cross-examine Trump on. 

Merchan’s ruling gives Trump’s legal team information about the possible lines that the defense could use in this case. Trump is not required to take the stand unless he wants to. 

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