Major Airline Sued for Accusing Mother of Trafficking

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( – Mary MacCarthy from Los Angeles is suing Southwest Airlines over an airline employee allegedly accusing her, a white mother, of trafficking her daughter who is biracial. As the woman revealed, she had been traveling with her 10-year-old daughter to Denver for her older brother’s funeral when the incident occurred. After their airplane landed, the police approached her and her daughter and called them into questioning.

As it turned out, an airline employee had claimed that the duo was suspicious and had informed the police about the duo while the airplane was still heading to its destination.

After walking into the terminal, the police apprehended the woman and her child who they supposedly suspected of child trafficking.

In the lawsuit, which was filed last Thursday in the U.S. District Court in Colorado, it is pointed out that there is nothing to indicate that MacCarthy might have been trafficking her daughter and that the suspicion had just been a result of her daughter being biracial while she is white.

During the police questioning, the young girl had started crying according to the lawsuit which points out that the pair was put under “severe emotional distress” because of the racism exhibited. MacCarthy has also claimed that this experience has made her more wary of going out in public with her daughter, worrying that they might be judged or reported. She added that it was weird having to be hyper aware of every interaction she was having with her daughter.

As the woman shared, her daughter, now 12, still never talked about the day at the airport and “clams up” whenever it is mentioned.

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