Schiff Tries To Make Trump’s Problems Even Worse

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) argued during an interview on MSNBC’s “The Sunday Show” that he believed that the charges that were in the target letter that was recently sent by special counsel Jack Smith to former President Donald Trump were the “most serious” charges out of all the charges that he has faced thus far.

Reportedly, the letter sent by Smith detailed three charges that Trump could end up facing if they ended up pressing charges against him. This includes witness tampering, conspiring to defraud the United States and deprivation of rights. Trump has already been indicted twice this year in two separate cases. The first one in New York concerns the falsification of business documents in relation to a hush money payment made before 2016, while the second is a federal indictment over his mishandling of classified documents.

Schiff pointed out that these are very serious indictments, and that the case about the classified documents found in Mar-a-Lago showed that there was a possible threat to the country’s national security. He added, however, that despite the seriousness of the previous charges this new set of charges could mark the first time in U.S. history that someone is charged for attempting to block the peaceful transfer of power.

Schiff was a member of the Jan. 6 select committee who looked into the role Trump played in the Capitol attack. However, he did not criticize the fact that the target letter did not refer to incitement of an insurrection as one of the charges. Trump faced a second impeachment for inciting an insurrection and that crime was also included in the list of recommendations sent to the Department of Justice by the select committee.

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