Second Grader Shocks America With Her Act of Kindness

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( – A second grader in Texas has been using her allowance to provide assistance to the homeless in her community during Winter. 

Davenee Jaramillo from Levelland might only be a young girl but she is known for how big her heart is. Her mother Debbie revealed to Nexstar’s KLBK that she is the person in the family that has been pushing them to do more. 

Debbie shared how her daughter had decided after the holidays to give goodie bags to people in their community who were in need. To achieve this she used her allowance funds in order to buy the required products in order to create the 100 goodie bags. 

Debbie pointed out that when her daughter had first brought forward the idea she had just thought of how to help her and had received help from friends and families as creating all 100 bags would have been too much for the second grader. However, with the support of their community, they managed to create 100 goodie bags each of which had over 20 items, including blankets, hygiene products, and even some food items. 

All of the bags that were left over after they distributed them in the community were given to St. Benedict’s Chapel which was preparing to feed around 200 people at the time. 

The bags were delivered by Davenee on Sunday, Jan. 14. Her mother has shared how since then her daughter has been wanting to be involved in distributing meals to the homeless in their community as well. 

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