South Carolina Man Faces Off Against Coyote

Photo by mana5280 on Unsplash

( – South Carolina’s Timothy Snipe ended up in a fight with a coyote who was about to attack his dog Roxie during a walk. As Snipe shared he had been walking his pup when she decided to turn towards the woods and start to bark. However, at that time they were not yet aware of the danger that was hidden in the forest.

Snipe told WCBD that when Roxie had started to bark his first question was what she was barking at. However, he was soon able to see that there was a coyote who appeared ready to attack his small dog. While Roxie did not appear aware of the danger, she started to run towards the coyote rather than Snipe.

The rest of the event was captured by the Ring doorbell camera in the area. To save his dog Snipe started to run towards the coyote. In response, the coyote jumped on him and ended up biting his leg. From there Snipe was able to wrestle with the animal and eventually choke him out.

Snipe then said that he had managed to get the animal under control and had trapped it in a dumpster while waiting for help to arrive. As he shared he does not believe that his dog would have survived if it was not for his willingness to step into the action.

Snipe said that he knew that he could have been alright even if he ended up bitten or if he had gotten rabies. However, if his dog had been a bit that would have been the end for her.

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