VIDEO: ‘Crazy Plane Lady’ Finally Reveals What She Saw

Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

( – Tiffany Gomas from Texas whose outburst during a commercial airline flight had gone viral, spoke about the incident that had made her infamous.

On Friday, she appeared on Barstool Sports’ “Pardon My Take” podcast where she referred to the incident on July 2 when she left the flight while having a meltdown. Gomas proceeded to explain what had happened on the American Airlines flight that required her to have a viral meltdown right before the flight took off. As she revealed, the incident originated from an “altercation” with a passenger which resulted in them spiraling “out of control.”

The incident was captured on camera and then posted online where it quickly went viral. In the video, Gomas can be seen having a meltdown in the plane’s center aisle. She then turns to her fellow passengers and the flight attendants and claims that “that motherf—–  back there is not real.”

In August, she apologized for the incident online. However, she never posted an explanation of what she had meant with her cryptic statement. For months people have speculated what she could have meant, with many paranormal theories emerging.

On Friday, she revealed that her statement was in reaction to the argument she had been having with another passenger. Reportedly, the reason she had not previously talked about the situation was because she had found it to be “mortifying.” She added that she had not seen anything and that everything that had occurred was just a result of her spiraling “out of control.” She concluded by stating that the incident was not her greatest moment, but rather that it was a “horrible” one.


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