VIDEO: Very Strange Dog Born in Florida

Photo by Bharathi Kannan on Unsplash

( – Kermit the Frog famously quipped about the challenges of being green, but a puppy from Florida found herself the center of attention online for her unusual green tint. This little canine, fittingly named Shamrock, came into the world on March 3, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

Owned by Carole DeBruler of Golden Treasures Kennel located in Pensacola, Florida, Shamrock quickly became a social media sensation. DeBruler began sharing images and videos of the new puppies soon after they were born, but it was a particular TikTok video shared on March 26 that sent Shamrock’s popularity soaring. This video, which has attracted over 8 million views, featured DeBruler explaining that Shamrock’s distinctive green hue was due to biliverdin, a pigment found in bile, which had stained her fur while in the womb.

While the sight of a green puppy might be surprising, the condition is completely benign and the coloration is expected to diminish as Shamrock grows. In a later update, DeBruler noted that although Shamrock’s green shade was fading, her vibrant personality was only becoming more pronounced.

Despite being slightly smaller than her littermates, Shamrock has been described as both happy and healthy. As the weeks went by, the green began to fade, yet her lively character continued to flourish.

Shamrock belongs to a breed known as English cream golden retrievers, characterized by a pale, creamy fur, which contrasts with the typically darker shades seen in other golden retrievers. According to the Golden Retriever Club of America, the breed typically displays a coat ranging from a light cream to a deep gold, though Shamrock’s green was certainly an exception and not a recognized color within the breed standards.

Such color variations even among siblings in the same litter are common, with colors spanning from very light cream to rich gold, as noted by the Golden Retriever Club of America. Shamrock’s unique initial coloring, however, added an extra layer of intrigue and charm to her already delightful presence.


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