Biden Caught Secretly Trashing Obama

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( – In 2010, Hunter Biden hinted in an email to his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, that President Obama might have borrowed phrases from the older Biden’s speeches. This was after Obama’s address at a pro-union event in Milwaukee.

Hunter’s email, sent on September 7, 2010, referenced a portion of Obama’s speech about the personal impact of job losses on families, suggesting its similarity to Joe Biden’s own previous remarks. Joe Biden responded tersely to his son’s observation, saying simply, “No grace.”

In 2008, during his vice-presidential campaign, Joe Biden emphasized the emotional significance of employment, saying, “work is more than a paycheck… It’s dignity. It’s respect.” He also shared a personal anecdote about the emotional toll of job losses during another 2008 speech in Missouri.

Joe Biden’s unease regarding the similarities is made more prominent considering his past history with allegations of plagiarism. His 1988 presidential campaign faltered due to such accusations, and there were reports of a plagiarized paper during his time at Syracuse University College of Law.

The email conversation between the Bidens was sent to Joe Biden’s personal email address, which had the handle “auks,” a nod to the mascot of Archmere Academy where both Bidens went to school. This email address, among others, surfaced in various correspondences on a laptop said to be Hunter’s.

Fox News Digital pointed out another email to this “auks” account from Casey Owens, Biden’s niece. She praised Joe Biden for his comments at the U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue. That message was eventually forwarded to other family members. A separate email to Hunter from the same account was signed as “Love Dad,” highlighting the personal nature of some of the interactions.

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