Pregnant Woman With Cancer Makes Ultimate Decision

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( – Tasha Kann, a young mother who was pregnant with her second child, was advised that she should get an abortion after the doctors discovered that she had brain cancer in 2022. At the time, the woman was 20 weeks pregnant.

Her doctors informed her of her diagnosis of an aggressive malignant tumor known as anaplastic astrocytoma grade III and advised her that she would need to immediately start chemotherapy and radiation.

However, as Kann revealed during a Fox News Digital interview she refused the treatment and gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Despite the doctor’s diagnosis and predictions, the woman was still alive a year later.

Kann’s fight with cancer had originally started in 2021 when she had thought that she had a migraine. As she was waiting for it to pass, her arms and legs started tingling and she was unable to move. As she believed she was having a stroke, she called 911 and went to the hospital where a CT scan had shown that she had a large brain mass.

Kann said that following her diagnosis she had been a bit scared but she had remained hopeful. As she revealed, she still vividly remembers how the three doctors had entered her hospital room and told her that her best chance would be to get an abortion and start treatment so that she could hopefully have five to eight years of survival.

However, as abortion was against her faith and belief she decided to keep the baby and worry about getting treatment only after delivery.

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