GOP Facing ‘Civil War’ Type Standoff With Biden

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( – In the ongoing political dispute in Texas, Governor Greg Abbott is firmly advocating the state’s right to independently address the influx of migrants, a stance that has prompted some Democratic politicians to urge President Biden to assume command over Texas’s National Guard.

Governor Abbott recently issued a detailed statement, criticizing the federal government for failing to adhere to the agreements between the United States and individual states. He accused President Biden of neglecting to enforce existing immigration laws and even breaching them. Abbott is currently engaged in several legal conflicts with the Biden administration, including issues surrounding Texas’ control of Shelby Park near Eagle Pass and the state’s installation of razor wire and buoys along the Rio Grande to prevent illegal crossings.

While Abbott accuses the Biden administration of overreaching, Democratic Representative Greg Casar of Texas is openly critical of the governor’s tactics, likening them to strategies used by former President Trump. Casar asserts that Abbott’s approach, marked by politically motivated actions and inflammatory rhetoric, compromises the Constitution and puts both U.S. citizens and asylum seekers at risk.

Rep. Joaquin Castro, another Texas Democrat, has taken to social media to advocate for President Biden to take control of the Texas National Guard, a sentiment echoed by former Texas Representative and current gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke. O’Rourke, drawing historical parallels, urged Biden to show decisive leadership similar to President Eisenhower’s actions in 1957 during the Little Rock Crisis.

The Supreme Court recently sided with the Biden administration, allowing federal agents to continue removing border barriers erected by Texas. The state responded by publishing images of enhanced physical barriers at Eagle Pass. Additionally, the administration is suing Texas over a new law permitting state and local officials to arrest illegal immigrants, arguing that it disrupts federal immigration control and endangers both agents and migrants.

Governor Abbott, however, is not alone in his defense of state rights in border security matters. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt have both expressed solidarity with Texas. DeSantis emphasized the constitutional right of states to protect themselves, while Stitt showed support through social media.

Despite the administration’s claims of adhering to immigration law and pointing to increased removal numbers since May, Governor Abbott remains resolute in his stance, challenging the administration’s interpretation of federal control over immigration and border security. The administration maintains that additional funding and comprehensive immigration reform are necessary to address what it considers a “broken” system.

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