New City of 100,000 People Being Formed Where?

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( – St. George will be Louisiana’s newest town after Baton Rouge residents successfully concluded a legal battle to establish a new town.

Following the Louisiana Supreme Court’s decision, Attorney Andrew Murrell, a key figure in the St. George movement, expressed that the ruling had marked “the realization of citizens exercising their constitutional rights,” and emerging “victorious,” after the vote.

Murrell added that the ruling was a “momentous occasion” regardless of what stance a Baton Rouge resident had, as it was an opportunity “to shape a city from scratch” surrounding the residents’ “ideas, policies, and way of life,” emphasizing that it was the ideal “opportunity to unite and hold someone accountable.” 

Murrell revealed that following the victory, those involved would be “commencing the process of fulfilling our commitments to building a superior city,” inviting both supporters and detractors of St. George to collaborate in establishing the town.

According to the New York Post, Murrell also used the occasion to announce his intention to establish a new school district within the town that would enhance educational standards for residents.

He clarified that although they had won in their attempt to establish a city and not a school district, the group’s “next objective will be the establishment of the St. George school district,” which he described as a “much-needed initiative in a parish that ranks among the lowest in education within a state.” 

Murrell concluded by expressing his gratitude towards the legal team behind him for prevailing in the legal dispute to establish St. George in the face of fierce opposition and criticism from the media and opposing counsel.

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