Democrats Choose To Put Migrants Above Veterans

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( – Last week, the “Homeless Veterans Prioritization for Shelter Assistance” bill failed to pass in a 129-27 vote in the Massachusetts House of Representatives. The bill was focused on providing housing to military veterans who are homeless over migrants in the state. However, the bill passed as almost all Democrats voted against it. The 25 House GOP lawmakers in the state had all opposed the bill. 

Gov. Maura Healey in a previous statement had argued that Massachusetts did not have the funding, space, or services in order to shelter over 7,500 families. Thus far, the state has spent close to $1 billion on shelters run by the state for migrants and families. 

Rep. Gerard Cassidy (D) revealed to the Fall River Reporter that the bill had been a political ploy and that there were plans for a different veterans bill to come out in May. 

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who has moved to the Bay State, referred to the vote as being insane. In a post on X, he argued that this needed to end and that illegal immigrants shouldn’t be prioritized over veterans who had served the United States.

In Massachusetts, House Democrats also voted against a bill that would put in place a residency requirement which could provide state residents with priority on a waitlist for family shelters. 

Assistant Majority Leader Alice Pesich (D) had also argued that there should be no families in the state, whether new or not, that are left on the street. 

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