Kamala Praises Australia Gun Laws, Takes a Swipe at Second Amendment

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(FeaturedNews.com) – Vice President Kamala Harris praised Australia for their gun control laws noting that in the 1990s the country had undergone a mass gun confiscation after the right of citizens to own guns was taken away.

During her speech on Thursday, Harris noted that the laws in Australia had shown the effectiveness of gun control laws in reducing the number of mass shootings. As she pointed out during a State Department luncheon with Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, Harris made her remarks about gun control following a shooting a day earlier in Maine.

On Wednesday, at least 18 people were killed during a mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine, while a dozen more people were injured. Harris added that as they found out more details, it was necessary for them to refer to what had occurred truthfully. As she pointed out, the leading cause of death for children in America was gun violence.

Harris also pointed out that many communities across the country were traumatized by gun violence, but that as Australia had shown, this did not need to be the case.

The Australian Parliament’s official website includes a short brief in which it is stated that in Australia, gun ownership is not a legal right. Instead, individuals needed to provide proof of the reason they needed a firearm. Self-protection was also not considered to be a valid reason in that statute.

The country’s laws also state that all individuals who have purchased a firearm need to have a license and the firearm is required to be registered.

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