Millions of Americans Private Data Leaked

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( – In February, Change Healthcare dealt with a cyberattack that had targeted the data of a big number of people in the United States. This week, UnitedHealth Group (UHG) noted that the company had confirmed they had paid ransom in an attempt to protect the information of the patients. 

On Monday, UHG made an update regarding the cyberattack on its subsidiary noting that the company had found files that included protected identifiable information and health information which could have affected a large number of people in the United States. It further noted that based on the samplings so far they have not seen any evidence that materials such as full medical histories and doctors’ charts have been among the data. 

UHG pointed out that the scope of the attack could require them to take “several months” in order to identify and notify all the customers that had been impacted. The company has also launched a website that will allow customers to gain access to information and they have created call centers that will provide free credit monitoring, as well as identity theft protections for the next couple of years. These resources are all available to affected individuals. 

The company also shared 22 screenshots that had allegedly been part of the affected files which had been shared on the dark web by the “malicious threat actor.” These files included protected identifiable and health information. 

UHG CEO Andrew Witty noted that they understood the concerns caused by the attack and that they were committed to providing everyone with the necessary aid.

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