Popular Musician Targets Hunter Biden

Chris Gilmore, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

(FeaturedNews.com) – Afroman has launched a fresh take on his 2000 classic, “Because I Got High,” incorporating a satirical spin on Hunter Biden in the new version. Recently unveiled by Baste Records on the platform X, this updated rendition titled “Hunter Got High” can be viewed in full on YouTube.

Opening with a comedic scene, Afroman and an actor depicting Hunter Biden are shown enjoying a smoke in a black SUV, with Afroman jokingly urging Hunter to “Roll another one of those congressional blunts, brother.” The lyrics playfully navigate through a series of misadventures linked to Hunter Biden, starting with a jab at his mishap with a laptop: “He was going to get his laptop fixed, but Hunter got high.”

The song creatively weaves in references to notable public controversies, including alleged influence peddling by the Biden family and an incident involving cocaine at the White House, which was investigated and closed by the Secret Service without identifying anyone. The chorus repeats the catchy line, “Hunter got high, Hunter got high, Hunter got high,” adding a humorous twist to each alleged predicament.

Afroman also targets Hunter Biden’s controversial art career, criticized by some for potential conflicts of interest due to his connection to the White House. The lyrics suggest a transformation in the Biden family’s dealings, humorously noted as, “Biden never used to start with B-U-Y. Till Hunter got high, Hunter got high, Hunter got high.”

The song further hints at international dealings with lines like, “Ukraine wasn’t part of the plan, till Hunter got high. China wasn’t that big a fan, till Hunter got high.” It portrays Hunter as inadvertently influencing major geopolitical strategies while under the influence.

Baste Records, the brainchild of Matthew Azrieli, markets itself as a vanguard against the modern ‘cancel culture,’ aiming to champion free speech and thought in an era they consider dominated by a ‘woke’ mentality in the mainstream music industry. The record company asserts itself as a defender of uncensored artistic expression, providing a platform for alternative viewpoints in music.

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