VIDEO: Neighbors Catch Mother Abusing Her Daughter

Photo by Aaron Doucett on Unsplash

( – In Georgia, a disturbing incident had been caught on tape as concerned neighbors were quick to come to defend a nine-year-old girl who while playing with her friends, was attacked by her enraged mother.

The incident that was filmed depicts the mother grabbing her daughter’s hair and dragging her before proceeding to smack her. The footage was then shared by Gwen-Harris Mackenzie, one of the neighbors on Facebook.

During the incident, the mother was also shouting at the little girl a number of expletive words while also telling her that she needed to get up. The daughter’s body is then dragged through the lawn while the little girl is crying out in pain.

Gwen-Harris revealed that the footage had been captured by her niece, noting that she was not aware if any of the neighbors had seen this part, but that some neighbors had reportedly seen her chasing the little girl. Gwen-Harris and other neighbors were quick to inform the police about the incident.

The neighbors further noted that this was not the first time that they had seen the mom being abusive, but that this was the first time someone had managed to capture one of the incidents on video.

Gwen-Harris said that she did not know her neighbors or the child’s name but that on occasion, the little girl would play outside with her children. She added that this was not even the worst abuse they had witnessed but that this was the first time that they had video evidence.

Warning Disturbing Video:

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