You Won’t Believe What Was Found in a Goodwill Donation Box

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( – Authorities in Arizona reported the discovery of a human skull within a donation container at a local thrift shop in Phoenix.

The Goodyear Police highlighted that the skull, distinguished by an artificial left eye and attached teeth, was identified on a recent Tuesday.

Upon arrival, Goodyear Police confirmed the presence of what seemed to be a human skull,” Goodyear Police Spokesperson Lisa Berry stated. “After a closer look, the decision was made to hand it over to the medical examiner for more in-depth analysis.”

A subsequent tweet by Goodyear Police shared that preliminary assessments suggest the skull to be of historical origin, without any apparent criminal connections.

Goodwill’s Central and Northern Arizona branches stated that they promptly notified the police following their standard procedures upon receiving such an unusual donation.

The person behind the donation remains unknown, and the future of the skull is yet to be determined. Berry conveyed that there wasn’t any more information available about the skull by Thursday.

The main office of Goodwill did not provide a comment on the matter when Fox News Digital reached out the following day.

In an unrelated incident earlier this year, an Arizona local made a remarkable find at the same thrift store chain. Jenna Franzoy from Gilbert, Arizona, bought an old-style secretary desk at Goodwill. To her surprise, when she got home, a concealed compartment in the desk opened.

Inside the hidden section, Franzoy uncovered a collection of historic items – letters, clippings from newspapers, song lyrics, sports and agricultural pieces – spanning a century, seemingly all from a single family.

Determined to return these valuable items, Franzoy’s only clue was the name Martha McCollough. After posting about her discovery on social media, Shirley Knight reached out, claiming a familial connection to McCollough.

Knight revealed, “The desk and its contents belonged to my grandmother, Martha.” In the assortment, Knight even identified her own birth announcement.

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