Hollywood Star Apologizes for Calling Waitress Fat

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(FeaturedNews.com) – Emily Blunt, a British actress starring in ‘Oppenheimer,’ recently apologized for a comment she had made in 2012 on the “Jonathan Ross Show.”

In her comment, Blunt had fat-shamed a waitress at a Chili’s location by referring to her as “enormous.” In her statement, Blunt said that she needed to directly address this situation as her “jaw was on the floor” when she watched the more than a decade-old clip. She then stated that she was “appalled” at having made such a hurtful and “insensitive” comment that was in no way connected to the story she had been trying to share while on the talk show. She added that she had always considered herself someone who would never even consider upsetting anyone else and that this moment was “unrecognizable” to her and not a reflection of the things she stood for.

However, as she pointed out the incident did happen and she apologizes for any hurt it might have caused. She then admitted that at the time she had definitely been old enough to have known better.

The interview had occurred during the promotion of “Looper” a film Blunt had starred in alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis. While talking about the filming of the project she had talked about how she ended up at a Chili’s restaurant.

At that point in the story, Ross had interjected and said that visiting Chili’s made it obvious why so many Americans were “enormous.” In response to this, Blunt joked that the woman serving her had been “enormous” and that she probably “got freebie meals” at the restaurant.

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