VIDEO: Republican Governor Enrages Liberals, Secures Border

Photo by Greg Bulla on Unsplash

( – On Saturday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share a clip from the construction of the border wall that will separate Mexico from his state. In his post, Abbott stated that the Texas border wall construction in Maverick County was still underway and that a wall was being constructed all along the border. He added that when the border crisis created by President Joe Biden “doesn’t rest” neither does his state.

Abbott announced last week that in an attempt to deal with migration, he would be constructing a border along the state’s border with both Mexico and New Mexico. The decision was made after reports that many migrants had reached Texas after entering the country through New Mexico.

Last Sunday in a different post Abbott had stated that Texas had installed fences along the “NEW Mexico border.” He added that the border barriers in El Paso were forcing migrants to enter the U.S. through New Mexico. From New Mexico, they would then make their way to El Paso. Because of this, they were now constructing a new barrier that would span the Texas-New Mexico border.

In a press release on Oct. 13, Abbott’s office noted that Texas’ efforts to address the migrant crisis, known as “Operation Lone Star” have resulted in over 479,000 apprehensions of illegal migrants. They have also seized over 432 million fentanyl lethal doses. They added that the operation was helping address the gaps experienced because of the Biden administration’s refusal to secure the southern border.


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