VIDEO: Nosy Dog Caught Spying!

Photo by Oscar Scannell on Unsplash

( – A nosy dog won the hearts of the internet after her owner caught her dog spying on her neighbors while sitting in the backyard. However, what was even more impressive was how she tried to play it cool after she got caught. She tried to pretend as if she had actually been examining the nearby plants instead.

Nataliya from Germany, revealed that her 11-month-old Maltipoo, Mia, has developed a love for spying on the neighbors every time they go outside. As she pointed out one of the key elements of having a puppy was to teach them which behaviors were unwanted.

Her little canine friend has now turned this into a habit, running outside to try and eavesdrop on all the conversations her neighbors are having the moment she hears that they’re outside. On this particular occasion Mia had been discreetly watching the neighbors for “more than five minutes,” but when she was caught, she instead tried to pretend as if her attention was on the nature around her.

The video was amusing to many social media users who found the behavior funny. Since its posting on June 26th, the video has accumulated more than 25,000 views and people can’t seem to get enough of the adorable puppy.

In the video, Nataliya asks her dog in German what she is doing, to which the puppy responds by turning her attention to the leaves and plants around her. Her owner stated that she was happy to have caught this reaction as it was very unexpected and entertaining.


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