Waffle House Workers Announce New Strike

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(FeaturedNews.com) – Waffle House CEO Walt Ehmer disclosed that up until recently it was up to the managers to determine whether it was safe or not for company workers to operate on days of a hurricane.

Employees of Waffle House in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia gathered outside of the corporate office to call for better working conditions and an improvement to the per-hour salary bringing it up to $25 per person.

The Union of Southern Service Workers (SUSS has supported workers in the hand-delivery of the petition’s physical copies. The copies include the signature of 13,000 employees and it was given to the corporate offices in Norcross, Georgia.

In the request given on Wednesday, the workers are calling for changes across the company, which would include providing additional safety at work and changing the per-hour salary to $25 for all different positions. They also called for the meal deduction policy, which they referred to as “unjust” to end.

The USSW further stated that workers had been discussing the immediate need for better working conditions and compensation. They have also compiled a set of demands that are predominantly focused on safety, putting an end to paycheck deductions and giving a minimum salary of $25 per hour to all of the workers.

Waffle House cook Kenya Alexander stated that the chain viewed them as numbers and that they didn’t care about them. Alexander pointed out that the company refused to acknowledge their safety concerns or make changes to provide customers with higher pay.

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