VIDEO: ‘Orange Crush’ Takes Over Entire Beach Town

Photo by Camille Minouflet on Unsplash

( – The annual Orange Crush Festival has resulted in a popular beach town in Georgia being packed. 

Georgia’s Tybee Island made the headlines after a number of videos emerged from the event which showed the wild brawls that had broken out. In one of the videos, women were seen ripping each other’s hair extensions off, while in another their tops fell off while they were fighting on the pier. The videos from the event had been shared with Fox News Digital. 

A number of onlookers have been instigating the fighters and had even recorded the altercation. The video that has gone viral is over two minutes long and shows a number of glimpses of litter piles that were scattered across the beach. There are also several clips of women twerking. 

The police on Tybee Island noted that they had been trying to sort through the records from the past week to update all of their arrest and incident records for the past week. 

The small city and police department, which has a population of around 3,000, had their hands full during the weekend, as thousands of alum of the Black colleges and universities (HBCU) had taken over the city with their spring celebrations.  

While the full numbers are not yet available, last year it was estimated that there were up to 55,000 co-ed revelers who had been on the island during that time. However, many of them had not caused any trouble, and as one X user showed there were only some instances where the crowd had turned unruly. 

Over 50 people were arrested amidst the chaos.


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