Chaos Erupts Outside of Trump’s Court Room

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( – A dramatic scene unfolded outside the Manhattan courthouse, where former President Trump’s criminal trial is being held, as a man set himself on fire, according to police reports provided to The Hill.

The individual, identified as 37-year-old Max Azzarello, entered a park adjacent to the courthouse, which has been a hub for protests related to the trial. He was seen dispersing pamphlets filled with conspiracy theories before dousing himself with an accelerant and igniting it. The incident prompted a substantial emergency response, with several ambulances dispatched to the scene.

Authorities stated that Azzarello, who had traveled from Florida to New York earlier in the week, did not aim his drastic act at any person or group, including Trump or the demonstrators. His action was described by the police as not being a targeted attack but the act of someone holding conspiratorial beliefs.

Azzarello’s social media presence, which includes various posts about U.S. government conspiracies, was acknowledged by the police, who mentioned plans to thoroughly investigate these accounts.

Eyewitness videos on the social media platform X captured the immediate response, showing bystanders attempting to extinguish the flames, initially with a suit jacket and subsequently with a fire extinguisher.

A witness recounted to PIX11 News that Azzarello warned her to move away before setting himself alight, making politically charged remarks just prior to the act.

This alarming event coincided with the finalization of the jury selection at the trial. With the jury now in place, the trial is set to proceed to opening statements on Monday.

Police expressed deep concern over the security implications of such an incident occurring near the trial venue. They reassured the public that although the existing security measures had not been breached, a comprehensive review would be conducted. Measures such as possibly closing the park and enhancing security coordination with the Secret Service and other law enforcement partners were being considered.

The intense scrutiny surrounding the trial was also evident during the jury selection, which took four days. Some potential jurors expressed unease about the media exposure and the high-profile nature of the trial.

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