FBI Investigation of Joe Biden Revealed

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(FeaturedNews.com) – In 2007, the FBI looked into then-Senator Joe Biden’s connection to the Delaware Fieldstone Golf Club, as reported by the Washington Post. This investigation stemmed from Biden receiving a special membership at the club in 2001. He was granted this privilege through an unused “ticket” provided by the club’s leaders, exempting him from the hefty $30,000-$34,000 initial fee. However, Biden was still responsible for the annual dues and other charges.

The source of this “ticket” was a company owned by Lisa Dean Moseley, a founding member of the club and an heiress to the du Pont chemical fortune. The inquiry was part of a broader examination into Moseley, who passed away in 2016, and the club itself. They were being scrutinized over loans Moseley had given to a local official to aid in the club’s establishment.

The FBI’s focus was on any financial advantages Biden might have gained from this membership. However, the investigation concluded without any accusations of improper conduct against either Biden or Moseley.

The relationship between Biden and Moseley was unclear, although Biden had recruited senior staff from the international chemical company based in Wilmington during his Senate tenure. At the same time, Biden was portraying himself as a working-class Senator, emphasizing his modest income, which, combined with his wife Jill’s, totaled about $221,000 per annum.

Joseph Hurley, a Wilmington lawyer who knew Biden from childhood and represented Moseley, commented on the social significance of mingling with the du Ponts, a prominent Delaware family, likening it to reaching a high societal status.

The White House, responding to the Post’s inquiries, emphasized that Biden was responsible for all dues and expenses at the golf club. They dismissed the allegations as outdated and resolved, suggesting there were more relevant topics to investigate concerning presidential golf expenses.

Since assuming the presidency, Biden has reportedly visited the golf club over 20 times.

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