Students Warned, Told To Leave Major U.S. University

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( – At Barnard College and Columbia University, one Orthodox rabbi warned Jewish students that they should leave the campus grounds as not even the police would be capable of guaranteeing their safety. This statement was made as anti-Israel advocates have made encampments across campus and many of them have already been shown to support violence against Jewish students and to support terrorism. 

OU-LJIC at Columbia/Barnard director Rabbi Elie Buechler had sent out a WhatsApp message to hundreds of people before the Passover celebration. In the message, he had warned students that they should leave quickly until there was a bettering of the situation. As he pointed out, the incidents that had been occurring both in and around campus were “tragic” and “terrible.” 

Buechler pointed out that over the last few days, and nights, it had become clear that the NYPD and the Columbia University Public Safety are incapable of ensuring the safety of Jewish students due to the rise in extreme antisemitism. He continued by saying that it was painful for him to do so, but that at this time he was recommending for everyone to return home until there is a vast improvement on campus. 

The rabbi continued by saying that while it is not their job to be trying to ensure the safety of all the Jews on Campus.

On Sunday, House GOP Chair Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., called for the resignation of Columbia University President Dr. Nemat “Minouche” Shafik after it became clear that he no longer has control of the campus and the lives of students were at risk.

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