Trump Team To Deploy Over 100K Lawyers

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( – On Friday, the Trump campaign in collaboration with the Republican National Committee (RNC) disclosed their plans to position over 100,000 attorneys and volunteers across critical swing states for the upcoming elections in November. Their main task will be to oversee the counting of votes at various polling locations and tabulation centers. To prepare them for this role, they will undergo monthly training sessions aimed at spotting and reporting any potential voting irregularities.

The initiative, described by both the campaign and the RNC as the most ambitious and far-reaching election integrity program in U.S. history, illustrates how deeply Donald Trump’s continued allegations of fraud in the 2020 election are influencing his campaign for the presidency in 2024.

Trump highlighted the importance of election oversight in a campaign statement, asserting, “Ensuring that ballots are properly counted is as crucial as voter turnout on Election Day. We are collaborating to safeguard the voting process and secure a substantial victory on November 5th!” This statement underlines the campaign’s focus on protecting the integrity of the election process to ensure a favorable outcome for the Republicans.

The strategy from the Trump campaign and RNC encompasses a thorough approach to securing the integrity of various voting methods including early voting, mail-in ballots, and Election Day proceedings. They will also concentrate on post-election activities such as audits, recounts, and the verification of voting equipment. To aid in these efforts, each key state will have a designated hotline that poll watchers can call to report issues.

Echoing Trump’s call for a decisive victory, RNC General Counsel Charlie Spies commented, “The Republican triumph in November needs to be clear and unmistakable. Our political team is striving for a significant victory across the board, and our legal team is fully prepared to defend that win.”

In addition to these measures, the Trump campaign will also utilize early voting and, where permissible, engage in ballot harvesting—a tactic traditionally employed by Democrats—to accumulate votes before Election Day.

This announcement came shortly after the Justice Department revealed an upgrade to their website, enhancing resources available to election workers and voters. These resources are designed to ensure the right to vote without facing discrimination, intimidation, or criminal activities. Attorney General Merrick Garland affirmed the department’s commitment to safeguarding this fundamental democratic right, emphasizing that, “The right to vote is foundational to our democracy and underpins all other rights. The Justice Department is dedicated to protecting this right against any form of subversion or intimidation.”

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