Officer Not Being Charged After Teenager’s Death

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( – William Dorsey Jones Jr., a Los Angeles Police Officer is not going to be facing charges after he shot at and killed a teenage girl while attempting to block a suspect at a Burlington department store. 

On Wednesday, the California Department of Justice announced there would not be any charges for Jobes who in December 2021 had fired his rifle three times while pursuing a man who had attacked two women. 

During the pursuit, the man had missed and instead shot and killed 14-year-old Valentina Orellana Peralta who at the time was with her mother hiding in the dressing room. The bullet that hit her had traveled through the wall. The suspect had also been shot and killed during the incident. 

The California Justice Department noted that rather than bringing forward charges against Jones they encouraged the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) to consider updating their communication training and any other training bulletins they currently have in place which relate to training to account for the type of situation that had occurred during the event. 

In a statement, Attorney General Rob Bonta (D) argued that this was a particularly challenging case as two people had lost their lives. He continued by saying that his “heart goes out” to Peralta’s family and to all those who had been involved in the incident. 

Only days after the shooting the family of the young girl had been pushing the LAPD for justice. 

Juan Pablo Orellana Larenas in a statement noted that he wanted justice for his daughter and argued that her life mattered. 

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