Angry Passenger’s Outburst Divides the Internet

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( – A man on a plane turned aggressive after hearing a baby on a plane crying. The video of the man throwing his own temper tantrum was posted on TikTok where it received a wide range of reactions.

The incident was captured by Marc Grabowski, a fellow passenger, on Tuesday. Grabowski said that he was on a Southwest flight originally headed to Fort Lauderdale, that was instead rerouted to Orlando.

The passenger in Grabowski’s video could be heard yelling that the baby had been “crying for forty minutes.” He then proceeded to say that they are essentially “in a f***ing tin can with a baby in a god damn echo chamber.” At this point, the flight attendants were trying to calm him down, but the man wasn’t listening to them.

When a flight attendant informed the man that he was yelling, he shouted back saying that the baby is also yelling. He then proceeded to ask “Did that motherf***er pay extra to yell?”

Grabowski told Fox 35 News Orlando that the flight was experiencing some turbulence and that it had gotten quite bumpy. This led to the passengers being told to stay in their seats for about an hour, during which time the baby started to cry. The flight attendants then proceeded to move the mother and her baby to a different part of the plane and they contacted the authorities. According to Grabowski, the man was given two options. He was either to deplane first or be forcibly removed after everyone else had left the place. While the man chose the latter, there were reportedly no arrests.



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