Attorney Generals Call Out the Bank of America for Discrimination

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( – Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita is one of the 15 U.S. attorney generals who have signed a letter in which they target the Bank of America stating that it has exhibited “discriminatory behavior.” In a letter, they condemned the de-banking efforts that were specifically looking to target people based on their political and religious beliefs. 

The letter was obtained by Fox News Digital and in it, the group of attorneys general had slammed the discriminatory “pattern” that had been occurring which had completely taken the United States by storm. 

On Wednesday, during an appearance on “FOX & Friends First,” Rokita stated that they were “cowards” who had been unable to stand up to the socialist pressure they were facing. He continued by arguing that it was not possible to just “pick and choose.” 

Steve Curtis, the founder of Timothy of Two Project International similarly shared how his organization’s experience with the Bank of America had been and argued that the organization required international travel. His organization is focused on providing training pastors to people who do not necessarily have access to formal education. 

As Curtis told “FOX & Friends First” co-host Todd Piro, in 2020, the bank had sent his organization a letter informing them that their accounts would be restricted in 21 days and would then be completely closed off in 30 days. He continued by pointing out that at the time they had people spread across the world and that this move could have been very disruptive for their operations. 

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