New Law Forces Employers To Provide What?

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( – On Monday, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) implemented a final rule that would require all employers to provide “reasonable accommodations” for those working who were dealing with limitations, including childbirth, pregnancy, and abortion. 

The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA) final rule is an implementation of a law that had been signed in 2022 and had gone into effect the previous year. The PWFA does not include paid leave as part of the available accommodations. However, an employer will be allowed to give paid leave in cases where their policies account for that. Still, the accommodations are required to be given in cases where the business operation is facing “undue hardship.” 

The final rule under the framework includes accommodations that relate to religion as well. The EEOC is looking for conditions that include miscarriage, stillbirth, lactation, and even for women who chose abortion, or gestational diabetes. 

The EEOC has given examples of what would be considered reasonable accommodations, including providing breaks for drink, and food and even using some of their breaks to go to the restroom. They would also be given access to a stool which they could use while working, and also temporarily reassign some of their job duties if they are in recovery from miscarriage and childbirth. 

The final rule of law would apply to all businesses, public or private who have over 15 employees. 

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