IRS Office Locked Down After Chaos Erupts

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( – In Houston, an IRS office had been forced to close early during an event to help the people with their taxes ahead of the Tax Day deadline. 

The IRS’ Tax Assistance event occurred on Saturday morning when hundreds of people were lining up early on Saturday morning ahead of the deadline on Monday. However, after a fight ended up breaking between two of the people who were in line the office decided to completely close the office early. 

Tax center visitor Katrel Johnson, who had driven around two hours in order to receive tax assistance had said that the gates had opened around 9 or 10 a.m. and people had immediately started to fight. After the fight had broken out the people who were present had been informed that they needed to go because the facility was closed. 

FOX 26 reported on the situation stating that there was a very large number of people had attempted to enter the building at the same time. 

IRS center visitor Tonya Johnson argued that as soon as the door opened the people started to push in order to get in line. The office was originally supposed to close at 4 pm but it actually ended up closing before 11 am. This resulted in a lot of frustrations. 

FOX 26 received a statement by the IRS in which they noted that there had been some delays on Saturday which had led to an overwhelming demand for taxpayer assistance. The IRS noted that they continued to be commited to serving those who previously were not able to receive in-person assistance. 

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