Business Owner’s Act of Cruelty Goes Viral

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( – An employee took to Reddit to show his boss deciding to throw all uneaten food into the trash at the end of each day instead of giving it to employees or charity organizations. The employee noted on Reddit that this was the boss’s way of making “a point.”

He added that servers are already not being paid and are relying on customer tips in order to make ends meet. However, the post did not disclose who the employer or employee was and their information has not yet been discovered.

Since the initial post on January 19, the discussion has resulted in 1,500 comments. Tara Furiani, a keynote speaker and host of the Not The HR Lady Podcast, told Newsweek that throughout her time in the corporate world, she had come face to face with many “questionable” behaviors, but to have a CEO in the food industry throw away food instead of giving it to the employees is “a new low.” She added that not only was this case showing a clear “lack of empathy,” but it was also an “abysmal waste of resources.”

Furiani then added that this unethical behavior helped showcase a much bigger problem. That is that employers will often not care about their employees and will mistreat them. She added that this was not only a problem in America but also a problem in other countries in the world, especially when it came to the food industry.

Bill Catlette, a partner at business development coaching and consultancy service Contented Cow Partners, also provided his insight by saying that while there is no obligation for the food to be given away instead of being thrown out, it is “a shame” to not have it be used in some way.

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