Child Gets Abandoned by School Bus

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( – In Katy, Texas, a kindergarten was let off at the wrong bus station on the first day of school. In an interview with FOX 26 Houston, Nadine Penn, 5-year-old Corey’s mother, revealed that she had let her son go to school on the bus that morning, but that when she attempted to pick him up that afternoon, her son had not been on the bus.

Immediately upon discovering her son was missing, she entered the bus and asked the bus driver whether they were allowing kindergartners to get off without one of their parents being present. However, the bus driver said they did not and that this was all the children on the bus. She proceeded to drive away without making any calls or attempts to find out what was happening.

Penn rushed to the school where she overheard some other parents say that there were some buses that had returned to the school because they had been overloaded. Penn returned to the bus stop upon hearing this hoping that her son would appear after the second trip, however he never did.

Almost an hour after the initial drop-off time, the mother received a call from a teacher letting her know that a different family had brought her son back to school after her son had told them he was lost.

Penn claimed that the school did not give her an explanation for why her son was dropped off at the wrong bus stop despite her demands for answers. She added that she would really like to meet the family that had helped her son so she could thank them.

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