GOP Governor Holds Strong on Stance, Backs Trump’s Enemy

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( – Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp has now stated that the state GOP’s attempts to have a special session for the removal of Fani Willis, the Fulton County District Attorney, are unwarranted and very likely to be unsuccessful. On Thursday, during a press conference, Kemp argued that this situation did not relate to his personal feelings regarding the case the district attorney had brought forth against former President Donald Trump.

He added that so far there was no evidence that any of the actions that Willis did or did not take would require the prosecuting attorney oversight commission to take action. He then proceeded to note that so long as he was the state’s governor the law and Constitution were going to be followed.

Governor Kemp, who began his campaign for the position back in 2018, was once a stark supporter of President Donald Trump. That relationship has seemingly soured a bit since then, and seemingly even more so now given his avid defense of Willis. Kemp has been bold and unwavering in his comments, many of which have gone against the former president, vehemently denying any accusations regarding any kind of election allegations in regards to Trump’s latest indictment. This has drawn the support of several anti-Trump politicians, most noteworthy of all being former Vice President to Trump, Mike Pence.

The Governor has clearly chosen to defend his state’s integrity over that of which many Republicans have gone against, making him a divisive figure within the GOP, however, he seems to be trying to toe the line.

Despite all of Kemp’s comments, the Georgia Governor concluded by stating that “Every Republican running for President would be better than Joe Biden.”

Earlier this month, State Sen. Colton Moore had sent a letter to the governor in which he alleged that he had three-fifths of each respective house supporting him in his efforts to have Willis impeached. In a later statement to Fox News Digital, Moore admitted that he had lied about having the majority of both houses supporting his case.

Kemp argued on Thursday that in Georgia there was a clear law that outlined which legal steps can be taken by constituents who believe that local prosecutors had acted in violation of their oath through their behavior. He called the attempt by Republicans to punish Fani Willis “political theater.”

Following Moore’s letter, other state GOP members have attempted to obstruct the case against Trump in Georgia but have failed to have much success. In a motion on Tuesday afternoon, Willis requested from the Fulton County judge presiding over the case to expedite the trial for all 19 defendants including former President Donald Trump.

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