VIDEO: Radical Liberals Kick Child Out of School

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

( – A video posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, shows a young student in Colorado Springs being pulled from class at The Vanguard School because of the Gadsden flag patch that the 12-year-old boy had on his backpack.

The mother of the young boy had been the one to record the video in which the school administrators get the boy, Jaiden, to leave the classroom because of the patch on his bag. Staffers at the school noted that the particular patch originated “with slavery” and that it was disruptive to the school environment.

The video begins with the young boy, his mother, and one of the school administrators in a meeting where they discuss why Jaiden was being dismissed from class. The administrator specifically stated that they did not want the flag patch in classrooms as it has origins with the slave trade and slavery. However, Jaiden’s mother counter argued throughout the meeting that the flag was originally used during the American revolution and that it had been a symbol of the fight against the British empire, and not a symbol that promoted slavery.

The mother proceeded to ask what would happen if her son did not remove the Gadsden Flag, to which the staffer stated that his backpack could not go back in the classroom as it could not be around the other children.

The mother continued to oppose the decision arguing that the flag originates in the fight against the British empire. She even questioned whether the woman was thinking of the Confederate flag. Still, the administrator maintained that their job was to enforce the district’s policy which the mother had the right to oppose.


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