Mask Mandates Get Brought Back in Santa Monica

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( – On Monday, Lionsgate’s office in Santa Monica sent a memo to employees instructing them that a mask mandate was going to be reinstated.

Lionsgate/Starz Response Manager Sommer McElroy sent an email to Fox News Digital in which he noted that there were certain floors in their office building that would require masks “until further notice.” The Deadline Hollywood noted that the offices included in the mask mandate would mean that close to half of the company’s employees are going to be affected.

McElroy noted that employees are required to either wear a N95, surgical mask, or KN95 when they are indoors. However, there is an exception in cases where they are in an office with the door closed on their own, or they are actively eating or drinking while sitting at their desk. If an individual is left alone in a large open workspace, then they are also allowed to not wear a mask.

Lionsgate has also stated that they would continue to follow their entry policy which requires that all employees are “required to perform a daily self-screening” before entering the office. In cases where they have symptoms or they have traveled internationally, then they will be required to inform McElroy. There is also going to be a conducted contact tracing performed where employees who come in contact with a viral case will be immediately informed.

The studio is also going to be sending to all employees that request them at-home-test kits for those thinking they might be have the virus. Masks are going to be available at the office front desk and N95 will also be made available to employees that request them.

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